ECOHAUS 2021 The New Way to Build 🌱

As you already know, in twenty nineteen piggy number three had built his fabulous Eco-friendly ECOHAUS with ICF Concrete Forms. The best thing he has ever done for himself and his two young kids. Comfortable, secure and happy, in his stable home, accept one thing he may have spent too much and still after many years owes a sizable mortgage.

Meanwhile, the kids have grown but are still living at home and can’t find work. The parents are desperate and determined to get them out as quickly as they can. Piggy three has the smart savvy and knew he would find the best and fastest help online!

It didn’t take him long to find an industry secret so revolutionary that it turns a traditional home building construction upside down! The fantastic 3D Printer by Apis Cor. and a few other 3D Printers like Gazza, capable of printing a house that everyone can afford and building it in a matter of several days!

The parents were ecstatic! Kids were thrilled to be able to develop their quality Sustainable ECOHAUS within a budget they can afford and the best part, the kids, practically mortgage free!