The ART of Film Set Dressing

People always say that they envy my glamours job. As Set decorators, dressers and buyers, we create allure and drama, from the most glamorous of settings to the lowest denominator, we mimic life as scripted. We all work closely with the Production and the Production Designer to fulfill visions, wishes, orders to deliver specific products and dressings within budget, on time as requested—available on-demand to service the Production. Anyone can work in the film biz provided that they have proper qualification, nerves of steel and the patience of a saint. Otherwise, one may find this exciting profession to be a bit too draining with no room for forgiveness if something should go wrong. Relentless exhausting be on your toes, silly demands. Like searching for the perfect mug for three days, are you getting the picture? Shopping that started as fun can turn into a nightmare in a second. If you love stress and spending money, getting up at 5 AM multitasking all day long, lots of driving having your lunch on the go and don’t stop until its time to go home, then this may work well for you! Now you see why the film biz always needs and loves to have new blood; they are out there waiting.



BELARUS Film Set of POLAR Feature Film On-Location at Royal York Hotel.

We started with an empty room. The finished product is an effort of many always on time on budget.

Lead Set Decorator Elizabeth Calderhead, Set Buyer, Stylist Zana Ancerl, and Shirley Gulliford, Lead Dressers, Danny Burke, Helen Kaneva,  Sergey Volkov,  also an actor, Bruce Mailing, Brett, Jessamine, Connie, Garry, Michael, Kyle, John and the rest of a dedicated NABET 700 Crew team.